Month: September 2011

“Susan’s” day at the beach

As I walked up to the meeting location I saw “Susan” from a country in the Middle East. She was standing next to her broken down stroller with her 2 year old and 3 year old in tow. We were meeting up to board a bus and head to the beach for the day.

“Susan” is a refuge from Syria. She had moved from her country about 8 months prior and I had been spending time with her at a “Mom’s and Tot’s” program where we were helping to serve this summer.

Susan’s story is hard; she left a country that see described as a “mess” to come to a place where her husband had no job, where they had no official papers, and where they were basically ignored by everyone but a small believing community that provided a bag of fresh fruit each Monday during this 3 hour “Mom’s and Tot’s” program.

The conversations that I was able to have with my Muslim friend in broken English were not profound but they were sweet.talked about our kids, I asked to see pictures, then I asked how she was doing, I celebrated with her when their family got official refuge status (which allows them a bit more help).

Can you imagine the contrast of a day at the beach? The image: Susan and her son and daughter had never been to the beach, but when we arrived, Susan took off running, daughter in tow down to the water. She jumped in–clothes and all–and joined into a volleyball game we had set up. The biggest surprise to me was that she removed her head covering and was smiling and laughing ear to ear.

What a sweet picture that I will never forget. I continue to pray for Susan and her two children, that as they are embraced by the small believing community again this fall that she might come to understand the power and beauty of our Savior Jesus.

A statement kept running through my head as I watched her navigate the bumpy streets with a stroller that was about to fall apart and her two kids.” The situation she left in Syria was much, much worse than the hard life as a refugee that she is experiencing now.”

On a personal note, I could write so many more stories about our time in the Middle East journeying with both refugees and students. As a new mom, I didn’t really know what God might have in store for Sydney and I this summer.

As it turned out, it was an amazing summer of connecting with various refugee moms  and also lots and lots of college students.was able to have some really, precious gospel conversations with these women and I will never forgot the power of God opening are praying over the next few weeks, would you pray for not only those in the middle east but also for Brian, Sydney, and I as we begin to welcome the new freshman that will ascend on Boston in just one week.

How to Pray

  • For Susan and her two children – that they are embraced by the believing community this fall
  • For all of our new friends in the Middle East – that they would continue to journey spiritually and begin relationships with Jesus
  • For the quarter of a million college students about to descend on the City of Boston – that many would be open to the gospel

Loving our adventurous Lord,

Brian and Malisa