Month: October 2011

How the Wrestling team brings people to Jesus

Let me tell you a story about these guys

I met Nestor two years ago. He came to my church and so I met up with him and explained the basics of the gospel. It all clicked for him for the first time and he prayed to receive Christ. Then we started meeting up weekly to read the bible together and understand the basics of living the Christian life. You can read more of that story by clicking here.

“I think my teammate John would like to join us,” Nestor told me. So John started coming too. He’s one of the captains of the Wrestling team and influential among athletes at BU. So John, Nestor, and I started reading the Bible together. After wrestling season, these guys invite their friends and teammates to my house for masses of grilled meat (they’ve been living on a lettuce leaf a day during wrestling season).

One of the guys they brought was Alex. The guys and I had a great spiritual conversation, but Alex was very much not a Christian.

This fall, my coworker Darin and I are working together to reach athletes. Nestor invited BJ to come to this little athletes Bible study. BJ’s a sophomore on the wrestling team and has a strong relationship with Jesus, but hadn’t been in a small group like this at BU.

The next week BJ invited his friend Alex (the same guy who had come to my BBQ last spring). But now, as a sophomore, Alex was very interested in the gospel. And so last Thursday, Darin and BJ shared the gospel with Alex over lunch. BJ led Alex in a prayer to receive Christ. So now we’ve got a great little team of wrestlers who are constantly inviting their friends to hear more about Jesus at our athletes study on Wednesday nights.

In Luke 5, there’s a group of guys who are trying to take their friend, who is paralyzed, to Jesus. Because of the crowds, they can’t get in, so they climb up on the roof, take apart the house, and lower him down on a bed to get him to Jesus. And, of course, Jesus heals him. Wherever Jesus went, people pressed in on him. And people brought their friends to be close to Jesus.

That’s just what these guys on the wrestling team are doing. They’re bringing their friends to be close to Jesus. And that’s what our ministry is all about.

Thanks for enabling Nestor to invite John, John to invite Alex, Nestor to invite BJ, BJ to invite Alex, and for enabling them all to be healed as they get close to Jesus.

How to Pray

  • For Nestor and BJ as they meet with Alex to learn the basics of the Christian life
  • For the other 20 students on the BU Wrestling team – that many of them would come to know Jesus

Loving our adventurous Lord,