Month: November 2012

The Insiders

There’s lots of barriers to bringing the gospel to freshmen in Boston.

Let’s say we want to share the gospel with William, a freshman who lives on the 7th floor of B tower in Warren Towers at Boston University.

To bring the gospel to William, we’d need to travel to BU and go into Warren Towers. But there’s a card swipe access point with security guards. So we’d need to be friends with someone that lives in the dorm who could swipe us in as a guest. And then we’d need to find William in a dorm of 1,800 students.

That’s a lot of barriers.

What if there was a dramatically better way for us to bring the gospel to William.

What if instead of being an outsider trying to connect with William, you could get someone who already lives on William’s floor to hang out with him and talk to him about Jesus in an incredibly winsome way?

What if we could find some “insiders” who would be willing to live in Warren Towers? Then they could become friends with William, hang out with him, and share the gospel with him as a friend. It would be totally natural for them to hang out on the floor, because that’s where they live. It would be totally natural to get to know William because that’s what you do – you get to know your neighbors.

Some of those students are bound to come to Christ. And then their roommates and friends see their lives transformed. If we can do this, we have the potential to see spiritual movements form on the 7th floor of Warren towers and then spread across the dorm, the campus, the city, and even the world.

This is not hypothetical. It’s real. And you’ve helped it happen. Your partnership means that over the last few years, we’ve been able to work with Alex, Rebecca, and Ethan. Malisa disciples Alex and Rebecca; I get to disciple Ethan.

This year, as upper classmen, they’ve moved back into a freshman dorm (not a very “cool” thing to do). And they’ve become insiders. They’re friends with William (the one I told you about above), Nico, An, Jason, Seraphim, and Jamie. In fact, William hangs out outside the Women’s Bible Study that Malisa leads on Mondays. Maybe it’s because he likes a girl. Maybe it’s because he likes the snacks. Or maybe he wants to know more about Jesus.

Alex, Rebecca, and Ethan – The Insiders

Their goal: by the end of the school year – every student on their floor hears the gospel clearly.

Insider teams reaching dorms isn’t a new concept.

It’s what Malisa did when she was an RA at Montana State University. It’s what Malisa helped lead when she worked at Washington State University. And now we’re getting to see it happen here in Boston.

And this idea: students move in and become insiders to reach friends and neighbors with the good news of Jesus Christ, isn’t just one we use in Boston.

As you’ve worked with us to launch a partnership in the Middle East, the same thing is happening. Lauren, one of the girls Malisa trained when she was a student at BU is midway through her second year on Stint in our partnership city. She’s becoming an insider there and is helping lead a team who is reaching Muslim students with the Gospel.

Brian is leading a team of a dozen people to visit Lauren and her team in January. Please pray for us as we prepare.

We are so thankful for you. We love that you’re praying for us and for Alex, Rebecca, and Ethan. Thanks for helping us make this insider ministry a success.

Two ways to respond this month:

1. Please pray:

  • For William and the other 39 people on his floor – that he gets to hear the gospel explained clearly this year
  • For Alex, Rebecca, and Ethan- our insider team at Warren Towers as they seek to reach their neighbors.
  • For Seraphim to accept Jesus

2. Please let us know:

  • How we can be praying for you
  • A story of when you’ve been an insider

Let us know how we can be praying for you. Send us a quick e-mail, would you? We pray for you often and would love to be specific.

Loving our Adventurous Lord,

Brian and Malisa