Month: February 2013

Back to the Middle East – an amazing conversation with Jorin and his friend

This is a photo of my friend Todd and I with two new friends from our recent trip to the Middle East.

Here’s what Todd says about one of the guys, ‘Jorin.’
“The Muslim ‘call to prayer’ fills the air, but Jorin doesn’t care. Despite the Muslim culture, he claims to be an atheist. However, as Brian and I talked with him on his campus, we learned he is fervently seeking God. He said he prays every day for God to show him who He is. He admits he has never read the Koran or the Bible but wants to learn Arabic and Greek to read and compare them in their original languages. He has already learned the Greek alphabet from a website.

“I pulled out my phone and opened my Bible app to the Greek text of Mark, chapter 1 (Thank you, Seminary!). I laid it on the table between us. Wide-eyed, he asked me to read the Greek and tell him what it meant.

“I read it aloud then said, ‘It means “The beginning of the good news about Jesus Christ.”‘ This was the first verse he had ever heard from the Bible! He leaned back fulfilled, and yet hungry for more.

“I sat back amazed at God’s personal love for Jorin. Of the millions of Muslims in this city, God had prepared me to meet him and prepared him to hear the good news about Jesus.”

We got to introduce Jorin to one of our teammates, Matt, who lives in his city. As we got up to leave, Matt took this photo of us, and everyone exchanged contact info and the promise to meet again. Todd sent an e-mail to the guys with this picture in it.

Here’s how Jorin responded:

“I just saw your e-mail, thanks for that. I’m honored to meet you. I think that we are gonna spend a lot of time with Matt-after our final exams- and I wish you and us see each other again. Thanks for the picture. Take care.”

An e-mail like that is so exciting to us because it means that our little bit of time in the country gets multiplied as Jorin continues to connect with our friends.

Some context: In 1960, there were 0 known believers in this country. By 1980, there were 40 known followers of Jesus. Today, there are between 3,500 and 5,000 believers. That’s incredible growth, but in a country of 70 million, it’s a tiny amount. The believers we meet have incredible stories – meeting Jesus in a dream, finding out about Jesus on the internet and becoming a follower of Jesus before meeting another Christian, facing beatings and persecution. There are great obstacles, but right now there does seem to be increased openness among students to talk about Jesus and start following him. We know it’s the prayers of people like you that make the difference. Thanks for praying.

We’d love to hear how we can be praying for you too. Send us a quick e-mail so we can pray specifically for you.

Above: Our Project Breakthrough Winter Trip Team

Thanks for praying:

  • For Jorin, that he would see God for who He is and open his heart to the good news about Jesus.
  • For our short-term (STINT) teams that are there for the rest of this semester, that they would courageously share the love of Jesus. This summer 2 of our staff will lead a summer mission and, in the fall, we’ll send a new STINT team to reach students like Jorin and make disciples of this great nation.
  • For the 10 staff and students from our team here in Boston that came on this trip – that their hearts would continue to break for the people in this City.