Month: April 2013

Malisa Vision Cast at Student Leadership Retreat

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Malisa spoke to over 100 students at our leadership retreat a couple weeks ago. In this audio clip, she shares stories of how God has used teams of spiritual multipliers to change their campuses and the world.

Todd Williams, one of our teammates introduces Malisa in this clip. Malisa begins about 40 seconds into it. Let us know what you think of the talk.

Click this link to hear:


Malisa Casts Vision.

We are Expectant and Expecting

We are Expectant

How do I even begin to describe the joy of having Tori, Ethan, Beverly, Ollie, and Ari all be excited about what is next in their lives? These 5 are a handful of our students who have a heart for Jesus and are graduating from various schools in Boston in just over a month.  They are all busy writing the last minute of code for their computer classes, having the last few practicums in hospitals and schools, and writing with great fervor that last pages and pages of papers.


Ari and us at epicenter

Above: Brian and Me with some of our students and staff. Ari is in the lower left.

Before they can even imagine, they will be launched into the next stage of life called the professional world.

  • Tori is a special education major and has decided to spend a year interning with us in Boston.
  • Ethan has had several high-caliber job offers but is also going to be interning with us.
  • Beverly, an international student, has a heart for missions and is heading home to her country to teach young people.
  • Ollie is this incredible artistic woman from Texas who is heading to help start a cultural center with the aim of Art being displayed and performed for the Glory of God.
  • Ari, Oh Ari, this girl has guts.

Ari and Tori

Above: Ari (right) and Tori on the T

Ari was raised in a really tough family situation but has strength and character that can only be attributed to her surrendering to Christ a few years ago.   Ari is at the top of her nursing class, on the softball team at school, and works several hours a week. She is also an RA in the main freshman dorm on campus at Simmons College, which is nestled along a cluster of 13 other schools near Fenway Park.  Ari has had three years of amazing growth in her relationship with Jesus.  During the first lifegroup she ever attended her sophomore year of college, I remember challenging her to go to our Fall Retreat.  Without knowing me or anyone else going, she said YES!

That has pretty much been how Ari responds to Jesus ever since.  If she senses him leading or directing her to something she doesn’t hesitate. She TRUSTS and says YES!

So Ari will be a nurse in the next few years (and she will be an amazing nurse); however, before she does that, she is taking a year to intern with us in Boston.  I am so expectant of how the Lord will continue to use Ari who says YES to impact the kingdom next fall.  I am so grateful that I have been able to be part of her journey and that she will continue on my team next year.

Thanks so much for your prayers for these student leaders. You are having an incredible impact in their lives.

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Above: Sydney in her Easter “Party Dress” is excited about the news

We are expecting…

In other fun news Sydney turned two in February and it was just about that time that we started talking with her about becoming a big sister!!!! That’s right the Ellis family is adding another little one at the end of September.  We are excited and nervous all at once about becoming a family of 4!  Sydney has taken up to “kissing the baby in mommy’s belly.”   Thanks for sharing in our celebration of the good gifts from above.  We are so, so grateful for the gift of another little one.

Loving our Adventurous Lord,

Malisa and Brian

Prayer Requests:

  • For all of the seniors in our movements across the city who are graduation to be filled with confidence that the Lord is a great Shepherd as they enter this new stage
  • For the health of baby and mom during the rest of the pregnancy