Month: July 2013

8 Key Leaders from 8 Key Campuses to Pray for

Below, we’ve got 8 short profiles for 8 of our key leaders from 8 of our key campuses in Boston. Would you take 8 minutes and pray for them?
Malisa and I are so thankful for your faithful prayers and support of our ministry. How can we be praying for you? Shoot us an e-mail.



1. James – Babson

Has grown into a different man over the course of his past three years at Babson. He is returning for his senior year, with great maturity and vision for how to have an impact in the lives of the future business leaders of the world who are starting at Babson this fall.


2. Shay – Bentley

Spent two weeks this summer in an intense summer project in Boston and is returning to Bentley with a detailed plan for continuing to grow in her relationship with God and reaching those around her with the gospel.


3. Katherine – Harvard

A woman who has a heart of gold, a boldness to match, and a wheelchair will be returning to Harvard as a junior who understands that God can use her no matter what her physical limitations.


4. Dorian – MIT

Just spent the last two summers in the Middle East and is returning for his senior year as one of the key leaders at MIT.


5. Alex – Emerson

is a director of photography ( for more info) and is working on a couple films in between his studies at Emerson.


6. Tim – Northeastern

Is coming back from a summer project in Wildwood NJ as “middler” (Northeastern has a 5 year undergraduate program). He’ll be helping reach freshmen with the gospel.


7. Dennissa – SMFA

is returning from the our summer project in the Middle East and will be trying to start an art dialogue amongst freshman at the School of Museum of Fine Arts for the first time ever.


8. Elaine – BU

returning from a Summer Project in Wildwood NJ. A quiet, timid sophomore who has come out of her shell and is ready to share her faith with incoming freshman at BU, in Warren Towers this year.

Prayer Requests:

  • For Elaine, Dennissa, Tim, Alex, Dorian, Katherine, Shay, and James – that they would continue to grow in their relationship with Jesus and introduce him to others
  • For Sydney as she prepares to be a big sister
  • For Malisa & baby girl #2 (due September 27)