Month: July 2014

Ali needs a guide

IMG_6877-001My friends Ja-hon, Gwen, and Josh hopped in a taxi for a crazy ride through the city. We were heading to meet a Muslim friend named “Ali.” Ja-hon and I had already met Ali a few times. We met him at an art school where he is studying to be a fashion designer. He showed us some of his designs at another of our meetings. He came out with us dancing on a boat cruise, on the eve of Ramadan. And we wanted to meet one last time. This time we brought Josh to translate for us. That meant that we could talk more deeply about spiritual things.



Ali was so interested both to share about his spiritual searching and to hear about ours. Ali is a Muslim, but is looking all over for truth, love, and happiness.

I talked with him about the Kingdom of God: “That’s the question I’d like to talk to you more about, Ali. Are you part of God’s kingdom? Jesus talked a lot about being part of God’s kingdom. So perhaps you’d be interested in meeting up with our friend Josh? He’ll be here for the next year. Maybe you guys can meet up and read the stories about Jesus and what he says about the Kingdom of God. And then maybe we can stay in touch on Facebook.”

Ali liked the sound of that.


Josh had to run to meet up with some others, but Ali took Ja-hon, Gwen, and I to find an art gallery with him. He had an experience I have all the time here, in this country. As he walked up to people asking “Do you know where this art gallery is?” Everyone tried to help. “It’s over that way.” “I think you go right, and then left.” “Go down that road.” “No… go back the other way.” “Ask up there.” Back and forth we walked down the same street, around the same block three or four times. Even Google maps didn’t help. It’s a classic moment here – everyone wants to help you, even if they don’t know how. They’re always confident even if they don’t know where you’re actually trying to go. We did finally find the gallery, but it was empty, walls bare as if it had once been a vibrant art installation but had since been striped. Apparently the website hadn’t been updated.

IMG_6878-001This search is a great picture of the spiritual reality. What Ali needs is a good guide who knows the way and can point him forward toward his destination? What Ali needs is a follower of Jesus to guide him and give him directions. A good guide points out the way. Ali needs some good guides to point him to Jesus – Don’t we all need that!

Would you pray that he gets together with Josh over the next year to read the Bible? Would you pray that he stays connected with us over Facebook? Would you pray that we are able to be good guides helping point him to Jesus?

Loving our Adventurous Lord,

Brian and Malisa


p.s. Stay tuned for our next update about some of the happening with our refugee friends.