Month: February 2015

“Mohammed” is on a Journey

“I have many fewer friends in America than I did when I lived in [my home country in South Asia]. But all of them are deeper, and all of them are involved with Cru.”

“Though the students involved with Cru are not Muslim like me, we share so much, and they have encouraged me to think about my spiritual background. I think everyone is on a spiritual journey.” I totally agree, and can’t wait to see that journey continue toward Christ.

These are two of the encouraging things that my new friend “Mohammed” told me as we drove north last weekend. We were heading with 18 other guys for a men’s ski weekend, but as you can imagine, the journey was as important as the destination. It’s for car ride conversations like I was having that we do ski weekends in the first place.


We found a great place to stay – Thanks Brandt and Mike for both suggesting Shiloh lodge, and all of you who helped make connections for us. We took guys for a great day skiing (half skied, the other half snow-shoed). We enjoyed meals together, and played games into the wee-small hours of the morning. But we do all those things so that we can have great sharing of life stories and connection about deep things.

A ski trip gives me an excuse to get to know Mohammed. “You know,” I told him, “one of the things I love about the Koran is that it says that Muslims should read the New Testament and listen to Jesus. And Jesus spent a lot of time talking about the Kingdom of God. The real question that’s worth answering: ‘What does it mean to be part of the Kingdom of God.’ Perhaps we could start looking at that sometime soon.”

And so that’s where we are and where we need your prayers. Mohammed is an “involved-non-believer” in our Cru movement at BU. He had other great conversations over the course of the weekend with Jeremiah and Josh. And now I want to start looking at the New Testament with him, and seeing what Jesus says about the Kingdom of God.

We’re committed to journeying with guys like Mohammed, with Alex, with Igor, with Kyle, Phil, and lots of other young men who are taking time to consider Christ while in college. And we’re committed to doing men’s ministry differently than we do women’s ministry (that’s going well too – Malisa would love your prayers). Whatever it takes to make Christ known.

Loving our Adventurous Lord,



Prayer Requests

  • For “Mohammed” to become part of the Kingdom of God (where Jesus is the King).
  • For the other believers and not-quite-believers-yet that came with us this weekend – that God would work in their lives
  • For Malisa as she ministers to our women – there’s a women’s gathering this weekend that we would covet your prayers for