Here’s an #Instagramish way to pray with Brian and Malisa this month

COF prayer - link to map

Malisa (right) and some of our staff team pose during a prayer walk. Would you pray with us for the next few weeks?
We’ve put a prayer guide online at www.brianandmalisa.com/prayer


Sydney has had many great family sails on Nana Kay and Grampy Tom’s schooner. Please continue to pray for healing for Brian’s mom.
Here’s her caringbridge site


It was so fun to be able to visit many of our friends and supporters in Utah. We loved seeing you all. #blessed


Malisa has discipled Stacy from Northeastern for the last few years. Now she has joined our team as an intern.


There are 250,000 students returning to Boston in the next week. Pray for spiritual openness & that many would follow Jesus.


Eliza will be turning 2 in October (and Sydney is already looking forward to turning 5 in February. Please pray for us as parents.


Ben and Val’s wedding was a family affair: Brian and Malisa did pre-marital counseling, Brian performed the ceremony, and Sydney was the flower girl.


Brian’s operations team has greatly increased – up to 10 staff now including Sarah (center) and Brittany (right).


On September 2, we’ll be taking BU students like these to get Ice Cream and fries. It’s a really easy way to connect with freshmen.


We’re praying for a movement of men to raise up at BU (we’ve got over 100 women involved, but only a handful of guys). Would you pray with us?


We love you.
Loving our adventurous Lord,


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