Month: October 2015

A Wild Ride

A Wild Ride


In the video above, feel free to skip to the 1:30 mark for some intense whitewater 🙂


What a wild ride we had last weekend rafting on the Kennebec River with 25 students from Boston University, Northeastern University, and Wentworth Institute of Technology. “When you hit these rapids, you need to make sure you breathe air, not water. You’re not going to go over the waves. You’re going to go right through them.” As I popped out of our raft, I didn’t realize I would need advice on how and when to breathe. But 20 seconds later, I was coughing up water and struggling for breath. What a wild ride!

Every fall, we take a group of men – usually about half Christians involved with Cru and half their non-Christian friends – up to Maine to go rafting. It is intrinsically fun to go white water rafting – particularly on a beautiful, warm fall afternoon. It’s stunningly beautiful, it’s a great adventure, and let’s men, particularly, experience intimacy. Just as you would never golf alone (what would happen if you got a hole in one and nobody saw it), a trip like this gives our students an incredible shared experience. It’s something best done in community.

Hurtling down the river is certainly a wild ride. But the real wild ride happened on the way home. All the guys in my car immediately fell asleep. After all, it was quite a workout rafting all day. But after dinner, they rallied and began to talk. My friend Paul, from Greece, was talking to a freshman named Chris about his relationship with God.

Inside, I was worried a little as I listened to Paul talk about Jesus and how thrilling it was to be intimately connected with Him. It all sounded a little over the top. I wanted to explain to Chris, who is much newer to the Christian faith that this wasn’t the only way to experience God. But I felt God tell me to not say a thing.

When Paul paused, Chris spoke up. “I have talked to many pastors and other Christians, but I have never heard someone share with such effortless joy about being in a relationship with Jesus. This is incredibly attractive to me.”

I smiled. This is what discipleship really looks like – students pointing students toward Jesus Christ. There was something infectious about Paul’s relationship with Jesus.

We experienced beauty, adventure, and intimacy during our wild ride on the river. But we also experienced beauty, adventure, and intimacy during our wild car ride home. Thank you for enabling Malisa and I to join others on their spiritual journey and point them toward Jesus.

Loving our Adventurous Lord,


Prayer Requests

  • That Chris would experience the gospel like Paul has.
  • Praise: AJ, Tony, Peter, Shannon, Catherine, Wes, Nina, John, Sam, and others who have started following Jesus this fall!
  • Praise for the 243 students at our fall retreat this past weekend.
  • For Gospel conversations to continue with Malisa and a few women from Iran here studying Biology.
  • For our family to walk closely with Jesus and to lean into Jesus.