Month: November 2015

Spiritually they are so open…

The other day I took Jacqui, one of our younger student leaders, with me to meet two Middle Eastern girls.


Jacqui is one of the girls in a Discipleship Group I lead at Boston University on Thursday afternoons. Jacqui is the 3rd from the left in the back row with red hair.

“Amira” and “Adilah” are sisters and they were raised in a part of the world where they were part of an invisible population. Because their parents do not proclaim Mohamed as prophet, they are not allowed to work in most mainstream careers.  In order for Amira and Adilah to get any education beyond high school they had to leave the country.  In order to ever work in their field of study they must never plan on returning to their own country and culture.  Yet here were these two girls sitting before me sharing their stories with Jacqui and me.  They told us that they have been in Boston for over two years and neither one of them have any friends.  They study all the time and dream of someday becoming doctors.  Spiritually they are open – very open – about what they think. However, they don’t yet understand that Jesus is the Son of God.


I’ve blurred their faces for their safety, but don’t you love their smiles!

One of the easiest ways to get into conversations these days on campus is to use a stack of 50 images that we call “Soularium.” I asked the girls to pick an image that described what was currently true about their lives, followed by other questions about what they wish were true about their lives.  Both of them picked images of relationships either with a husband or a group of friends.  The questions continue to get deeper with eventually talking about who they think God is and what they want to be true of their spiritual life.  It was a fascinating conversation that revealed their curiosity spiritually and loneliness in this new country.

As I continue to journey with these two sweet sisters will you pray for Jesus to make himself known to them?  Will you pray for wisdom and discernment on my part as I continue to share about who Jesus is? Will you pray for Jacqui who has faithfully been texting and inviting Amira and Adilah to social events this fall?

Next Wednesday I have invited several other women from the same part of the world over for dinner.  Please pray for great conversations about Jesus as several of my student leaders and I host them for dinner.


We had a great family hike last weekend and enjoyed the tail end of fall foliage here in New England.

Loving our Adventurous Lord,


How to Pray

  • For Amira and Adilah to come to know Jesus
  • For Malisa’s Dinner party next week (11/18) with her Middle Eastern friends – that the conversations would get deep
  • For Brian’s Men’s BBQ this Saturday – that the men would connect well with each other
  • For our family to walk closely with Jesus and to lean into Jesus.
  • For Brian’s mom, Kay as she continues her treatment for ovarian cancer ( for updates).