Month: February 2016

Stories so good I wish I could bottle them up to enjoy them over and over again…

There are a couple things I’d like to put in a bottle so that I can preserve them to enjoy forever. Like the laughter of my two daughters. They have distinctive delightful laughs that I can’t get enough of. I recorded a bit of it on my phone so I have it when they grow up.


Eliza, Frosty the snowman, and Sydney a week ago

I’d also like to bottle up the stories our students share during a dinner in January. We call it “the Insider dinner.” It’s a dinner where we challenge students to consider moving back into freshmen dorms. We want our students to be “insiders” and live in community close enough to non-Christians that their friends would notice the difference that the gospel makes.

Joyner shared the story of a Jewish friend who lives on her floor. She has so many questions and wants to know Jesus. Her friend told her “It blows my mind how much love is in what you believe.”

Jacqui added: “It’s humbling. My friend told me, ‘I’ve never seen people care about each other so much.’”

Another student shared that there’s something amazing about sharing the gospel in community. “It is more powerful for 8 of us to be journeying with a group.”


Here are the insider teams telling their stories to younger students from across Boston

Of course, moving back into a freshman dorm is not cool. And living in community isn’t easy. And trying to share the gospel with friends can be hard.

Ja-Hon says “You know; It’s challenging to live where you work. It’s a big challenge. You are pushed to your limits in little and big ways. But it’s worth it.”

That’s how Malisa and I often feel as we think about our ministry here in Boston. It pushes us to our limits in little and big ways. But it’s worth it.

Malisa and I wish we could have you join us at these Insider dinners because it is only because of your prayers and support that we can celebrate what God is doing like this. Thank you for your partnership.


This is Sephora, a student at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. Upperclassmen at SMFA can’t move back into dorms, only RA’s can. So Sephora became an RA. She says, “I just keep inviting people. One day, they will say yes.”


Loving our Adventurous Lord,



Prayer Requests:

  • For our insider teams living at Boston University, Simmons College, Northeastern University, MIT, Harvard, and other schools across the city
  • For the non-Christian friends that our students are journeying with – that dozens would say “yes” to Jesus this spring
  • For all our students as they decide on their housing for next year – that many would choose to live near freshmen.