Month: May 2016

Pray for our Middle East Trip

IMG_6856Malisa and I are headed to the Middle East from 5/26-6/6. We are excited to connect with our summer team, facilitate a debrief for our team that has spent a year there, and connect with leaders from the refuge ministry we’ve worked with for the last 6 years as well as other organizations who are looking to start similar ministries. Would you pray for us?

  • For our Family – this is the first time we’re leaving our kids for this long (they’ll be in great hands with Malisa’s parents).
  • For us as we debrief our team that has spent a year there. We love this team – 3 of them have spent previous summers with us in the Middle East. They’re headed back for another year. Pray that we would be beacons of hope and encouragement.
  • For wisdom and discernment as we connect with leaders from the refugee ministry that we have partnered with over the last 6 years and other organizations starting similar ministries.
  • For connections with our friends in the city – that Jesus would be more and more real to them.


A View from Above Boston

Would you come with me as we take the elevator to the 50th floor of the Prudential Tower in Downtown Boston? I love getting up above the city because it gives me vision.


Last week, I hosted a group of Cru directors from across the country to share some of what I’ve learned in the last 10 years directing our ministry here in Boston, particularly leading operationally. I took the directors to the top of the Prudential Center to do something I love to do – share the story of God at work in Boston.

Can you imagine the view with me? From this vantage point, you can look North and see all the way up the Coast to Gloucester, my hometown. You can see all sorts of Revolutionary war sites – from the Bunker Hill monument to Old North Church (Paul Revere and “One if By Land, Two if By Sea”). And I showed my friends all of those things. But I really wanted to show them two things: All the colleges, and Fenway Park.

All the Colleges

Looking Northwest, across the Charles River, you see MIT with Harvard, Cambridge College, Bunker Hill Community College, and Tufts all arrayed beyond it. To the West, you can make out Bentley and Brandeis Universities – both on top of hills. You can also see Babson and Wellesley (Hillary Clinton’s alma mater). Much closer in you can see Boston University right on the Charles River. Across the city, you can look out over 250,000 students. Truly there is no bigger college town in the world. And the world comes to Boston – there are over 50,000 international students that study here.

We long for the day when every student on every campus in Boston hears the gospel because we know that if that happened, the whole world would be changed. Coming up to the top of the Prudential Center also gives us a vision of how God might get us there.


Yellow Shirts at Fenway Park

fenwayIf you look out the window directly west, you can see Fenway Park, home of the Red Sox.

Have you ever been to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park? Watching the Red Sox is pretty much the state religion here in Boston. There are billboards that say “Keep the Faith” and “Believe.” Every home game, 37,949 fans make a pilgrimage to Fenway Park.

One thing we’ve started looking at when we go to Red Sox games is the food vendors. You know, the guys selling Fenway Franks and Diet Coke and Cracker Jacks.

At Fenway, they all wear bright yellow shirts. That works really well because they stand out against all the Red, Blue, and White that everyone else wears.

So as you look at the opposite grandstand, you see these Yellow Shirts perfectly spaced out around the stands. Everyone in the stadium is within a hand’s toss of physical refreshment.

brian-and-Malisa-at-fenwayWe long for the day when on every campus, on every dorm floor, in every sorority or fraternity, and on every sports team, there is a team of yellow shirts – a group of students whose lives are so transformed by the Holy Spirit that they can’t help but tell other people about Jesus and bring other people to do the same. So that every student in the city of Boston is within hand’s toss of spiritual refreshment.

Would you pray with us?

We can end our time at the top of the city like I did the other night with my Cru friends – by praying for God’s compassion for this great city. Let’s celebrate what God is doing through “yellow shirts” like Craig on the BU Lacrosse team, Guy and Ja-Hon and Nick in Warren Towers, Matt, Tommy, and Tim reaching their friends at Northeastern, and Eric and Luke at Emerson. Let’s also celebrate what God has done bringing 36 students into relationship with Him this year.

We long for the day when there are yellow shirts in every pocket across the city, but we’re not there yet. Would you pray alongside us for this vision?

Loving our Adventurous Lord,