Month: October 2016


grace |ɡrās| noun 1. An unmerited gift.

Well…this fall, a girl named Grace has been an unmerited gift to a so many, including me. I first heard of Grace from her older sister, Caitlyn, who was a student leader at Boston University. Grace quickly followed suit and found God leading her to Boston University to study advertising. Grace is tender, is warm, is vulnerable, and is a bold evangelist.


Grace (in the green dress) with me this summer

A few weeks ago, during our discipleship time, Grace shared this beautiful story with me. She had invited one of her fellow RA’s, Ryan, to come to a gathering we hold on Tuesday nights called LIVE. At LIVE, Ryan heard another student share about the purpose of life and so on the way home he opened up to Grace about what He thought the purpose of life might be. She listened, she responded with more questions, she prayed silently while they made the walk back to their dorm.

As they entered the dorm, a group of five other RA friends were standing in the office and quickly invited Grace and Ryan into the conversation. When asked where they were coming from, Ryan shared that they had just come from this great event that Cru put on called LIVE, where they get to talk about how spiritual things impact their lives. The conversation turned and the group of 5 RA’s started also talking about what they thought the purpose of life was.

Ryan turned to the group and said, “I think Grace has a great understanding of what the purpose of life is.” So, with her normal gentleness surrounded with clarity, Grace begin to share the Gospel with Ryan and the 5 other RA’s. That night, Grace was a gift to that group. She loved them by sharing the gift of the Gospel with them.

Grace told me today, “I just got a message from Ryan. He said ‘I have a big life question to discuss the next time we meet.’ He’s still open to talking and I can’t wait.”

I’m so grateful for the ways that YOU are an unmerited gift to Brian and me as we seek to trust Jesus with the Gospel being spread to students from all over America and all over the world as they come to Boston to study.

Loving our Adventurous Lord,


Would you pray:

  • For continued depth of relationships with the RA’s at Boston University so that they may come to understand the “unmerited gift” that Jesus is to us.
  • For Christian, Sam, Zach, Jason, Jake all guys that Brian is building a discipleship relationship with who live in the same dorm at Grace. That they would learn to be bold with the Gospel. Also for Grace to continue to be a bold witness for the Gospel.
  • For Brian and I to lean into the gift God has given of power, love and self-disciple rather than fear as we step foot on campuses daily across Boston.