Month: March 2017

How do you talk to people about Jesus?

“How do you talk to students about Jesus?” That’s the question a friend of mine from church asked Malisa and me last weekend. As I told her some stories of God at work, she was in awe. But really, I told my friend, there’s nothing awesome about what I do when I talk with students about Jesus. All the awe goes to God that changes people’s lives.

But maybe it would help you if I walk through briefly how I talk to students about Jesus.

Where are you at in your thinking about Jesus?

A couple weeks ago, I asked you to pray for our “Luo Pad” event where we cut fabric for women’s personal hygiene products to be sent to refugees and others in North Africa and the Middle East. One of the students who came to help was named “Jim”.

Above: “Jim” traces fabric patterns for the Luo Pads

I sat down next to him and asked him his name, where he goes to school, and how he found out about our service project. That gave me enough information to learn that Jim had been coming to our friend Ying and James’ small group bible study at Boston University all year.

“Where are you at in your thinking about Jesus?” I asked Jim.

Jim told me he still wasn’t quite sure he believed the gospel.

So we spent the next hour talking about the gospel. Jim shared his story. I shared mine. I shared about Jesus story in Luke 15. I told stories about skiing. I talked about the Lord of the Rings. But at the end, I did my best to sum up the gospel and how we need to respond. I used a little outline called Two Ways to Live

Above: Here I am sharing the gospel with “Jim” using an app on my phone.

Jim wasn’t ready to put God in control during our conversation. But he left with real clarity: he knows how to start following Jesus if he wants to.

Thankfully, Jim is very involved with a small group bible study that meets in his dorm. And he just joined that group on a spring break service project in Lewiston Maine to serve refugees. That project, like our “Luo Pad” event, is designed not just to serve others with the love of Christ but also to give us a spot to come alongside like-minded friends who don’t yet know Christ.

So last week, Jim had more opportunities to start following Jesus. Would you pray for “Jim”? He’s so close.

There’s two things I’d like you to take from this story today:

  1.  I want you to know that your prayers and financial support make a huge difference.
  2. What I’m doing to share about Jesus isn’t super complicated. You don’t need to be a “professional Christian” to do it. In fact, I think you can have fun conversations just like this one. If you’d like more info about how to do it, e-mail me. If there’s a good amount of interest, I’ll share a series of e-mails that explain how we do it.

Above: some girls that Malisa helped train last night on campus in how to use the story of God currently working in their lives to get into great spiritual conversations with their friends. If you just ask one open-eded question at the end of a short conversation it can make all the difference.

We love each one of you and are so grateful for your partnership.

Loving our Adventurous Lord,

“Jim” sees God’s light break through

While visiting Hope House during a spring break service project, “Jim” shared about his experience that week.

Jim looked up at the stained glass window bringing light into a dark room. “God is at work in my life. Shining in.”

He sketched this picture to illustrate that his heart has been dark, but now God’s light is shining in. He held up his drawing to the stained glass window and then snapped this photo.

Would you pray that Jim does experience the light of Christ and start following Jesus?

Loving our Adventurous Lord,