Month: June 2017

Win, Build, Send

Win people to Christ

I stood on a chair 31-weeks-pregnant to snap the picture below. It’s a small sampling of seniors in college that we have journeyed with over the last few years. One of those guys is Danny. Danny was standing in the cluster of other seniors proud to say He had been connected with Cru during college. Danny has heard the Gospel over and over and over. He has found a safe place to explore what he believes within the Cru community on his campus. He has been around for four years at BU and continues to consider and ponder the truth of Jesus but the penny hasn’t dropped yet. Would you pray with us that Danny does start following Jesus

One of the things that has been so powerful to see over my past 9 years is Boston is that people like Danny tend to continue to explore Jesus beyond graduation because of the deep relational connection that have been made with those students who do follow Jesus.


A bunch of our seniors, including Danny

Build disciples for a lifetime

One of those followers of Jesus is Grace. How do I even begin to help you celebrate with Brian and I all that God has done in and through Grace over these past four years? If I had to describe Grace I would say she is tender, insightful, and loves people really well and I would say she continues to be BOLD with sharing the Gospel alongside of her friends – including Danny

I am saying goodbye to Grace as a student leader but she is staying in Boston for a job in marketing and graphic design. She has a strong vision and purpose of helping to create the world that ought to be by being a great designer who cares about her co-workers because of the change Jesus has made in her own life.

Grace (right front) at one of our final discipleship times

Send graduates into the world

Grace is one of those women who we are SENDING joyfully into this next stage of her life. Grace has a heart for others and a vision for her calling. She is going to help change the world for Jesus. Sending Grace and seniors like her is one of the main reasons Brian and I do what we do in Boston. A bonus is that Grace is going to live just about 10 minutes away from me next year, so although I’m saying goodbye to her as a student she will continue to be a bold witness for Jesus in Boston

This is what you pray for and invest in: winning students to Christ, building disciples for a lifetime, and sending students into the world.

Thank you so much for being part of getting the Gospel to the thousands of students in Boston but also helping to send college graduates into the world to be missional for Him.

Loving our Adventurous Lord,

How to pray:

  • For Danny – that the penny would drop: that the gospel would make sense and that he would start following Jesus
  • For Grace – that she would continue to befriend people like Danny in her new job in marketing and graphic design
  • For all of our seniors across the city – that they would be sent out into the world to walk with Jesus and point others to him
  • For Brian and me as we joyfully await baby girl #3