Getting the Big Picture

Perhaps it’s having a great teacher who tells amazing stories (like Dan Carlin in his Hardcore History podcast). Perhaps it’s learning about individual people so that you can imagine yourself going to that time and place (the way they do in Adventures in Odyssey). Perhaps it’s when you travel to a place where amazing things happened in the past (like a battlefield). Or perhaps history comes alive for you when it’s your history (learning the history of your town, or ancestors).

This summer, all of that collided for Malisa and me when we took a church history survey class as part of our ongoing spiritual development with Cru. It was so helpful to get a big picture overview of the high (and low) points of the history of the church over the last 20 centuries.

If you’d like a book recommendation, can we commend to you: Church History in Plain Language. It’s amazing to watch how God’s kingdom has advanced over the last 20 centuries and it gives us great hope that His Kingdom will continue to advance. And what fun that you and I get to be a part of it.

Loving our Adventurous Lord,