Month: October 2017

Gospel Doodles

Gospel Doodles

Can you follow this diagram? It’s a bit complicated, and that’s the idea…

Malisa spent the last four years pouring into Grace who spent her senior year as an RA on Hannah’s floor.


Hannah committed her life to Christ at Fall Retreat last year. Malisa and Grace met up with her and helped her grow in her faith. This year she encouraged others to make that same commitment.


Jason, one of the guys in her small group committed his life to Christ at our Fall Retreat this year. Jason has been involved in our movement all his years of college. But he thought the Fall Retreat during his senior year would be a great place to commit his life to Christ. Hannah now lives on the same floor as Sam.


Sam (Sam #1) has been praying for opportunities to share with a freshman who is also named Sam (Sam #2). But Sam 2 e-mailed me to see if I could share the gospel with him. And so I took my friend Aldar from Asia with me to share with Sam 2. Later that day, talking to Sam 1, I realized Sam 2 is the same guy we’ve been praying for.


I meet up weekly with Sam 1, Christian, and Joseph to help them learn how to share the gospel with people. Joseph heard the gospel dozens of times from many different students and Cru staff. It took a while for the gospel to click. He totally belonged before he believed. But now that he does, it’s totally contagious.


So he’s been sharing with Vincent from Babson and Bob from BU (all three are international students from Asia). Bob says that he thinks Christianity is a fairy tale, but when he sees how happy Joseph is, he knows he wants what Joseph has. Joy is attractive.


That’s the same story for Graham, who is Jason’s roommate. Now that Jason has come to follow Christ, Graham is coming to our small groups too.


OK… I take it back… this diagram is really complicated. It’s messy. And it’s beautiful. This is a picture of how the Kingdom of God advances.


But in truth, this diagram leaves out two important people. It leaves out the Holy Spirit who has gone before Malisa and me to prepare these students to hear about Christ. And it leaves out you – our faithful partners who have been praying for each of these students.

Thank you!

Loving our Adventurous Lord,

Prayer Requests

  • Praise God for Hannah, Joseph, and Jason who now have fellowship with Christ.
  • Please pray opportunities for us to share more with Vincent, Graham, Bob, and Sam 2.
  • Pray for Malisa and Brian as we raise our 3 girls to know and follow Jesus.

Malisa, Brian, Sydney, Eliza & Genevieve Ellis, Serving with Cru in Boston

Can you imagine a day when every one of the 250,000 students in Boston heard the good news of Jesus Christ in the most relevant and personal way? We can. And we think we even know how it could happen.

Malisa and I bring over 20 years of campus ministry experience to our roles on the Boston Metro Cru team. We’d love to talk to you more about our ministry with Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) here in Boston.

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