Month: February 2018

Look inside this restaurant

Nud Pob Thai food is a hole in the wall joint. There are half a dozen tables and there’s usually a line. The food isn’t going to get any Michelin stars, but the audience is college students so that’s just fine.

On February 8, in the center of the restaurant, around a couple pulled together tables is an amazing group of freshman women. They’re eating dinner and talking about Jesus with my wife Malisa.

I (Brian) got to see the beginning of the dinner from the car window before I watched a movie with my little girls so that Malisa could engage with these women. And so I couldn’t hear the conversation. But I could see their smiles and I knew that when we debriefed later in the evening, I would hear some amazing stories.

The 2nd girl from the left in this photo is a freshman named Julianna. Her parents decided to let her choose what she believed and not force her to believe something. But when Malisa asked her to describe her spiritual life, she said, “basically, I’m really confused in what I think and believe but I think Cru will be a good place to explore and figure it out.”

And so Julianna has been getting involved. She sought out Cru and connected with Malisa last semester. She comes to my (Brian’s) lifegroup on Thursday evenings. She came to our house for our woman’s Christmas Brunch. And she’s become good friends with another freshman named Ashley who is a strong believer.

But the other night at the Thai restaurant, she shared how hard it has been to make good friendships at BU. She has friends, but it’s been harder than she expected.

Why do we host dinners in hole in the wall Thai restaurants? We do it for girls like Julianna – so they can have opportunities to make lasting friendships with other students and spur each other on in their spiritual journeys.

These are crucial conversations. They are critical moments. And they are only possible with your help and support. Thanks for being a part of it.

Loving our Adventurous Lord,