Month: September 2018

Join us for a prayer walk

What I love about prayer walks is that they remind me that I have no control of the results in our ministry here in Boston. I can’t change students’ lives for all eternity. Only God can do that. And so we pray.

Going for a prayer walk lets me look around and pray with my eyes open. It lets me pray for much longer without distraction. And as I look around at all the students (and buildings they live and study in), I can focus my prayers on them.

Would you join us this month as the school year starts to pray for Boston? That God would have compassion on this great city like he did for Nineveh? And that thousands of students across the city would hear the gospel in the coming weeks?

Thank you!

Here is our family on a night-time prayer walk in front of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts (now part of Tufts University).

Prayer Walk 1: Fenway, Northeastern, and Art Schools

  1. Northeastern: For fast connections with freshmen who are believers and have a heart for the lost | For International students – particularly south Asians (India, etc.) as we seek to launch a new bridges movement to this group | For some undergrad international students who are believers to surface in the first few weeks and that the Lord would build a movement around them | For Athletes that we’re connected to – for relationships to solidify and for the gospel to go out
  2. NEC: For student and faculty connections and creativity to know how to reach this campus with the gospel
  3. Berklee/BoCo: For freshmen who are not just Christians but who are excited to share Christ with their classmates and bandmates
  4. Emerson: That Albany would desire to be connected with other athletes who are walking with Jesus | For the all new group of Cru staff that will be working on campus – that they would move toward making headway especially with a challenging administration | For incoming freshmen – that we would be able to find incoming freshmen quickly
  5. Bonus: Pray for our team as we seek to launch at Roxbury Community College through their activities fair
  6. WIT: For younger student leaders to link arms with Noah, our key upperclassman leader | For a core group of strong believing women.
  7. SMFA: For Sephora, an alum who now works at SMFA, that she would be successful in launching a discussion group on art and faith
  8. Mass Art: For our student leader Jillian as she starts the first small group in 10 years | That her connections with incoming freshmen and new students would be rich and that the gospel would go out in this community
  9. Simmons: Pray for the 6 involved graduate students that they would make inroads in gospel conversations with classmates | for our student leaders – though young they would be deeply connected with Jesus | for continued strong relationships with the administration | for continued connection with Islamic student association and continued opportunities for conversation about Jesus | for epic (Asian American) to have 5 student leaders by end of semester.
  10. Emmanuel: Pray for the newly formed leadership team – 5 student leaders that they would be connected together and bold in sharing the gospel | inroads among those who already think their faith is important, but aren’t connected to community yet

Groups of our staff broke up to cover Boston University in prayer too.

Prayer Walk 2: Boston University

  1. West Campus and Student Leaders: for the freshmen about to move into West – that many would come to know Christ. For our student leaders to be full of faith as they share how Jesus is at work in their life today. That our student leaders would experience spiritual multiplication as they step out in faith to shepherd younger students and make friendships with freshmen
  2. AIA and Valor: For # women athlete leaders to double (from 5-10) by the end of the year. For men on the Lacrosse, Hockey, and XC teams to grow in owning their faith and demonstrating it to other guys on their teams. For our Valor student leaders to pour into a new generation of ROTC cadets and midshipmen.
  3. Launching: This fall, we’re looking to launch new movements for African American students (Impact), around Social Justice issues, to international graduate students. Pray for favor and opportunity in each of these areas. Pray for key relationships to develop (e.g. with student leaders and others in the Howard Thurman Center).
  4. Bridges: Spiritual strength for student leaders. That they would multiply their lives. | That we meet incoming Christian international students who can catch a vision for reaching out to others | For wisdom and favor with Warren & West as we reach out to intl students there | For transfer students in Danielsen & language students in CELOP who are often lonely and disconnected from campus life
  5. Whole campus vision team – for the students and staff who have committed to dreaming about reaching every student on campus with the gospel – that the vision would stay alive and catch on with all our students. We also pray that dozens (actually 27 is our goal) would join us in going to the world this year.
  6. Freshmen: That freshmen would make friends with others in Cru and that many would come to the Fall Retreat.
  7. Warren Towers: For the 1.700 freshmen in this dorm – that the gospel would spread from person to person and that one day, every student would hear about Jesus. That the Cru community as a whole would be a place where people could experience Jesus and that they couldn’t help but falling for him and following Him.
  8. False “gods”: Pray against idols of performance, acceptance, striving, etc. Pray for healing from the anxiety and depression that are on the rise among our students.

Thanks for praying with us!

Loving our Adventurous Lord,