Month: June 2019

Welcome to the Ellis Family

Welcome to the Ellis Family

Two things have surprised me about motherhood:

  1. How much my three little girls LOVE getting to know college students
  2. Just how much college students are ministered to by simply being part of our family
Lucy loves our girls (here with Genevieve) and our girls love Lucy.

You may have seen a video of Lucy that we shared last month. In it, she shares about being the only Christian in her family. Lucy comes from such a great family of two amazing parents who don’t yet know Jesus. So her exposure to a Christian family was limited until she met my three little girls last year.

My girls are smitten with Lucy. They jump up and down when I say that Lucy is coming over. They take her by the hand and show her around their latest art project or fairy garden and then they beg her to snuggle them on our swing.

A huge smile spreads across Lucy’s face when she talks about being able to hang out with our family — at the beach, over a casual dinner, or at an Easter dinner outreach.

The love is mutual and I am in awe of how Jesus uses our daily life as a family to minister to and develop college students.

Sarah (above with Sydney and Eliza) just finished a record smashing career on the track team (you can read about her breaking a 31 year school record here).

But I remember talking to her and having a conversation I’ve had with many athletes: “can you pray…I just don’t know if I can keep pushing as an athlete this final season.” And we did pray. And Sarah kept breaking personal and school records. But what we were praying for was that she would experience Joy again on the track team. And she did.

And that takes me to this picture above. Sarah is an incredibly strong woman, but kids “just kinda make me nervous” she said to Lucy this fall.

When we brought our kids to a BU soccer game last fall, Sarah didn’t really know what to do when my three little girls were so chatty with her.  Even Genevieve wanted to be held by her and Sarah was freaked out.

But by the end of the year, after a number of meals at our house, Sarah had totally warmed up to our girls. I took Sydney and Eliza to a final celebratory brunch with the athlete women I work with. It was a brunch full of laughing and giggles.

Sydney and Eliza love that they have a friend name Sarah. “She can pick us both up at the same time, Mommy!”

Our Easter Dinner… You can see me with Sydney and Eliza in the back (Genevieve was already asleep and Brian took the picture)

OK… One more story. I’ve shared about Lucy and Sarah above. They both came over to our house for Easter Dinner. What an amazing group of women joined me. It was so fun. After dinner I snuck upstairs to get the girls down.

As I tucked my little ones into bed on Easter night, they were all so ready to fall asleep. We celebrated well that day — with our church family in the morning, with our extended family for lunch, and then welcoming to our home to a bunch of female student athletes that night for dinner from Boston University, Northeastern University, and Emerson.

I think that Sydney, Eliza, and Genevieve thought that all these students where just coming over to play with them.

I think the students would say a highlight was the three little girls wanting to hang out with them in the backyard, playing soccer.

After I said goodnight to my little girls, I went downstairs to join this group of students who were sitting in the sunporch, eating dessert, sipping on decaf coffee and chatting away.

Albany, a student athlete at Emerson College, invited a couple of her friends (with me in the picture above) to dinner and I got to spend the dessert hour hearing from them.

One was raised in China as an atheist. The other was raised in southern California. She talked about astrology but proudly wore a cross. While neither are yet following Jesus, I’m confident that God is stirring in the lives of these two women.

God works in many ways to draw people into relationship with him. Perhaps he’s even using their friend Albany’s invitation. Perhaps he’s using Easter dinner in our house. Perhaps he’s using this little messy family and my girls to show what celebrating the risen Christ can look like.

It is because of each of you that women like Lucy, Sarah, Albany and others are able to experience Christ through our family.

Would you continue to for pray for us a we seek to share not only the gospel but our lives with students in Boston.

Loving our Adventurous Lord,

Would you Pray:
  • For Sydney
  • For Eliza
  • For Genevieve
That each of our girls would walk with Jesus and point others to Him
  • For Lucy, Sarah, and Albany to continue to grow in their walk with Jesus
  • For our friends who don’t yet know Jesus.