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Invest in changed lives and advance the Kingdom of God

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Every student deserves a chance to hear the gospel.

We care about you.

And we want you to have the chance to make a difference in the lives of students. 

Malisa and Brian bring over 35 years of experience helping friends like you invest in God’s kingdom. We help both students and ministry partners walk with Jesus and point others to Him.

We’d love to talk with you more about making a difference in Boston and beyond.

Here’s what one of our ministry partners says about why he gives financially: “Cru is an energetic, creative, thoughtful, and effective way of reaching college students. And college students are at a special place in life, when there is time and opportunity to contemplate important questions. Thus, I think of Cru as a very worthwhile and effective place to direct giving, and I encourage you to consider it the same way. I hope you’ll consider a special gift.”

You wonder… Can I make a difference?

You have things to invest:

talents, resources, and opportunities…

that can make a difference.

What if you could help change the world?


We can partner with you to make a difference.

We help people invest in God’s Kingdom and know they are making a difference in the lives of college students in Boston and beyond.

Through our partnership,

You can change Lives

You can Empower Leaders

You can Change the World

Here’s How

Want to know how to talk to your friends about Jesus?

Download our Free PDF to learn “How to talk about Jesus without freaking people out.”
You’ll learn:

  • A new way to think about journeying spiritually with your friends
  • Great questions to move a conversation from surfacy to spiritual
  •  How to wrap your story up in the story of Jesus
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What is God doing in Boston and Beyond?

Can you imagine a day when every one of the 250,000 students in Boston heard the good news of Jesus Christ in the most relevant and personal way? We can. And we think we even know how it could happen.

catch vision for Boston

Meet Malisa and Brian

Malisa and Brian bring over 35 years of campus ministry experience to our roles on the Boston Metro Cru team. We’d love to talk to you more about our ministry with Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) here in Boston.

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Every month, we send out a one page e-mail prayer letter. We focus on changed lives of students here in Boston and beyond. Just give us your e-mail and we’ll send you our letters.

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